Arizona Slammed With Lawsuit Over Presidential Primary Election

Hearings are underway in lawsuit over voting and registration issues at Arizona primary election.

Tucson resident and elections integrity activist John Brakey has sued Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan and all 15 Arizona counties, over the March 22 election frustrations, according to the Phoenix AP.     Maricopa County Superior Court Judge David Gass rejected requests to have the suit dismissed. 

Concerns that prompted the lawsuit included long wait lines, fewer polling places, and voter registrations improperly changed from Democrat to Independent.   One Maricopa County voter testified he had to vote provisionally after the motor vehicles division turned in his change of party affiliation a day too late, calling it voter suppression.

election_ Arizona 032216 lines

A poll worker testified she counted about 36 Democratic voters that were listed in the wrong party.  Reportedly, in Maricopa County, voting poll places were reduced from 150 (in 2012 primaries) to only 60 this year.  Many voters had to stand in line for over an hour to vote.

The courtroom was packed with onlookers and elections officials.   The hearing is scheduled to resume Tuesday.   Attorneys for the counties are expected to prove that the case does not reach the level of misconduct needed to justify throwing out the election results.

A report from the Daily KOS reveals that a large part of the problem lies with the Arizona legislature, who cut the elections budget by $2.4 million, resulting in the reduction in polling locations.



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