Arrests Made In Beating of Man Who Voted For Trump


The nation was horrified when a video surfaced after the election showing a man being beaten and kicked in a Chicago street as onlookers yelled, “You voted for Trump!”

During the beating, one of the attackers jumped into the man’s car and took off with it, as the man tried to hold on to prevent his car from being stolen.  He was hospitalized after the incident.

Chicago police have now announced four suspects were arrested for the incident this week: Julian Christian, 26; Dejuan Collins, 20; Rajane Lewis, 21; and a 17-year-old unidentified female.

The victim has been identified as David Wilcox, 50, who was rear-ended at the intersection of Kedzie and Roosevelt in the North Lawndale area on Wednesday, November 9.   The car who rear-ended him was occupied by two black females and three black males.

According to CBS Chicago News, as soon as Wilcox got out of his car to ask the other driver for insurance information, someone at a nearby bus stop yelled, “That’s one of those b**** a** Trump supporters!”

ARRESTED: from left: Julian Christian, 26; Rajane Lewis, 21; Dejuan Collins, 20 (Chicago Police Department)

ARRESTED: from left: Julian Christian, 26; Rajane Lewis, 21; Dejuan Collins, 20 (Chicago Police Department)

Wilcox responded, “So what if I’m a Trump supporter? That doesn’t have anything to do with this.”

That’s when the punches started flying, with the female driver of the car who rear-ended him throwing the first one.   Then the three black males who were in the back of the car got out and started beating and kicking him, before one jumped in his car and took off, dragging him about 5 blocks.

Wilcox said, “I saw my life flash before my face.”

CBS News reported that all 4 suspects arrested were charged with one felony count of vehicular hijacking and appeared in court Friday.   Further details are pending.

The following video includes interview with victim:



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