‘The Art of the Deal’ co-writer makes bold Trump prediction

President Trump’s resignation was predicted Thursday by the co-writer of his bestselling book, “The Art of the Deal.”

Tony Schwartz claimed on CNN in an interview with Anderson Cooper that Trump is in “a pretty significant meltdown,” and experiencing “pure terror” that the scandals plaguing his administration could result in impeachment, and that the president will likely resign before he is officially implicated in one or more of them.

“There is no right and wrong for Trump. There’s winning and losing. And that’s very different from right and wrong. Right now he’s in pure terror that he is going to lose,” Schwartz said. “And by the way, he is going to lose.”

Schwartz believes that the president will frame his resignation as a victory.

“He wants to figure out a way — as he’s done all his career — to turn a loss into a victory,” Schwartz said. “And so he will declare victory when he leaves.”

Published in 1987, “The Art of the Deal” was co-written by Trump and Schwartz, and has since sold more than a million copies.



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