President Trump is never shy to tout his accomplishments, and border security is one area where he believes he’s done a strong job.  However, according to new statistics from the US Customs an Border Protection, Trump’s softening on immigration is causing the numbers to spike at the border.

Immigrants caught illegally crossing the Southwest border in December climbed for an eighth consecutive month, reaching the highest point since President Donald Trump took office a year ago.

A total of 40,513 immigrants entering illegally or seeking asylum were apprehended from California to Texas in December, compared with a total of 39,006 apprehended in both categories in November.

Families and minors from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico made up more than a third of all apprehensions since October, most of them arriving in the Rio Grande Valley.

For October, November and December, a total of 13,491 unaccompanied children were apprehended trying to cross illegally plus seeking asylum. Another 31,685 adults and children came in as part of families.

“What Americans don’t realize is these children are no going home.  They will be placed in the US and begin attending public schools.  Trump’s big lie about DACA is causing the border to spike just like it did under Obama,” said Dennis Michael Lynch.

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