Associated Press issues delayed apology to Karen Pence

The Associated Press (AP) has finally expressed regret for publishing the personal email address of Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen.

In a Monday night blog post, John Daniszewski, editor-at-large for standards at the AP wrote, “We regret if the publication of Mrs. Pence’s email address caused any problems.”

The AP published Karen Pence’s personal email address in a follow-up story based on a report by The Indianapolis Star claiming that Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana, conducted state business on a personal email account that was hacked.

According to a letter written to Associated Press president and CEO Gary Pruitt from Pence’s attorney, the second lady received “vitriolic and malicious emails” as a result of the AP’s revelation of her email address.

Vice President Pence issued a demand for an apology via Twitter, yet received no response for several days.

The AP formally responded Monday, posting its statement online which claims that the email address was included in their report “in an effort to be transparent.”

“Before the story was published we thought that Mrs. Pence’s email address was no longer active,” Daniszewski wrote. “We now recognize that including her email address in the story could result in unfortunate and unintended consequences for the Pences.”

H/T: The Hill


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