Attorney General Loretta Lynch Calls Charlotte Protests “Peaceful”

The protests in Charlotte, North Carolina have escalated beyond control into dangerous violence and anarchy. But to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a leading figure in our federal government, these protests are actually “peaceful.” Disregard the massive riots against police, or the vandalization and looting spreading throughout the community. According to Lynch, these protests are a commitment to “real change.”

“Now, most of the demonstrators gathered last night were exercising their constitutional and protected right to peaceful protest in order to raise issues and create change,” said Lynch to a listening press conference, as if she has been living under a rock or just simply does not have the slightest remnant of an idea of what is transpiring in the Carolina community. Ironically as well, North Carolina is Lynch’s home state.

Yet again the Obama administration tames and undermines a divisive and escalating situation out of political correctness. While Lynch makes a small acknowledgement regarding ceasing the impending violence in the city, it sounds forceful and unconvincing.

Check out the video of her statement below:


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