One auto racing legend learned how dangerous bee stings can be this week.

American auto racing legend A.J. Foyt was hospitalized after he was attacked by a swarm of Africanized killer bees on his Texas ranch.

The four-time Indianapolis 500 champion was working with a bulldozer when he disturbed the bees’ hives and instigated the response.

It was the second time Foyt caused the same type of incident, the first coming in 2005 when he was stung 200 times in his head. A fact his racing team made light of on its website, noting A.J. Foyt VS Killer Bees: Foyt 2 – Bees 0.

A.J. Foyt Racing said in a statement that Foyt was released from a Texas hospital once he was stabilized. The team said this second bee attack was more serious than the first because the first encounter made Foyt more sensitive to bee stings.