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I am so happy that people feel great again after taking DML PURE, which is available at  

Here are a new list of testimonials:


DML, I have been taking the DML PURE 750 capsules for a full week, and the effects are pronounced. I no longer have stiffness in my legs when I get up in the morning. I am walking the dog for a full 1 1/2 hours again. The sciatica flair up that has hindered me for the past month is gone. I am sleeping more soundly and haven’t once woken up in the middle of the night. What is most remarkable is my energy level. I feel refreshed in the morning, and I don’t have that late afternoon lethargy that appears in the hot summer months.


Dear Dennis,  Received and started taking the DML Pure Oil on 7-23. I have 6 herniated discs that is flattening spinal cord and pain in legs from nerve damage in back. Getting better everyday. “SOMETHING NEW”. See attached photo of right hand. Have ripped ligaments and in pain 24/7. Two specialists, 1 head of hand surgery in Stony Brook say can’t fuse ,will not be able to use hand. Today I rubbed a drop of the CBD Oil on it and the pain is 80% better. Just 1 drop. Can make fist. Thank you for all you do.


I am sleepy 100% better ever since taking DML PURE oil.  I have to admit I was doubting this stuff would work.  The only reason why I made the buy was because I’ve watched you for years and I know you were in terrible pain a few years ago.  I see you running on the beach and I’m thinking to myself…. NO WAY HE CAN FAKE THAT!  I bought only one bottle and am coming back for more oils.  Your pricing is super competitive and I appreciate it because I am on a tight budget now that I am retired.

Get your DML PURE CBD oil or softgels today.  I suggest the starter kit.  Go to and order today.

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  1. How does your CBD Oil taste? There are some nasty ones out there. I personally love the cinnamon flavored CBD Oil, do you carry it? Lori


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