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An unusual sort of family has been hibernating in the crawl space beneath a California home. A man in Arcadia noticed that a bear cub was sleeping there, but he was alarmed to find that the cub’s mother was also calling the crawl space home.

CBS Sacremento reports: The Hoopers knew there was a small bear under their neighbors’ home. George Hooper took videos earlier in the day of the bear eating acorns and roaming around their backyard.

“It’s exciting, it’s thrilling and I’m watching him and thinking this is just amazing to have something so wild and so close,” said Hooper.

But what they didn’t know, and would soon find out, was a big momma bear living in the crawl space as well.

“We were watching the little one and then we came back inside and we saw the big one, — the momma bear with the tag on the ear — and she came out to keep an eye on things,” said Hooper. “So now it’s a whole new ball game, isn’t it?”

The bigger bear is tagged, a regular in the area that the Hooper family says they think they’ve seen before. At first, we watched from outside but quickly decided it was best for everyone, if we moved inside, to watch from a window.

The report continues: Hooper called the police, who sent the Humane Society to come assess the situation. Since it’s the bears’ natural habitat, the Humane Society has decided to leave the bears, for now.

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