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According to insiders who are familiar with the day to day operations at The Blaze, Glenn Beck hasn’t been playing with a full deck for years.  The insiders, who prefer to remain anonymous, say his 6-year old media company which includes radio, TV, a website, films, and live events, is falling into the abyss.

On the Friday broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck said that he has lost $500,000 campaigning with Ted Cruz , but said that his losses have nothing to do with the recent firing of 40 of his employees.

“There’s a story maybe you have read, that came out yesterday, that is talking about how yesterday, my company The Blaze laid off 40 people, and my media empire is crumbling, and part of it is because I’m traveling around with Ted Cruz,” he said.

“Well, I want you to know,” Beck continues. “Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something.”

He may want to begin believing in his business real soon. I’ve seen it first hand — Beck’s New York City location looks like a company on the decline.   A huge location housing only a handful of people.  Lots of equipment collecting dust, a TV control room with millions of dollars of technology without a show to produce — it looks like a tornado came through but without any warning.


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