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Bernie Sanders got his clock rung on Tuesday night, losing four of the five primaries in play. And so now the self-proclaimed socialist who promises everyone free college and equal pay is planning to lay off hundreds of campaign staffers across the country.

In other words, Bernie doesn’t have enough money to both support a staff and compete against his competitor in the remaining primaries.  Welcome to the world of economics, Bernie.  Welcome to the reality of having to take in more than you dish out.   Welcome to the reality that as much as it sounds sexy to get things for free, reality is there is no such thing.

Despite the reality of the Sanders situation, the 74-year old from Vermont says he will remain in the race through DNC convention scheduled for this summer.  He promised to bring staff members back on his team if his campaign hit a miracle.  Yeah, right, and if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

Those of us with brains understood Bernie’s ideas do not and cannot work.  Free this and free that is flowered in crazy math, which only the most ignorant of people buy into.


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