Belgium Politician Issues Warning About Hillary Clinton

A conservative political leader in Belgium is asking Republican nominee Donald Trump to make America great again.

Mischaël Modrikamen, President of the Belgium People Party, recently released his second video endorsement of Trump, and a powerful warning to Americans about Hillary Clinton.   He said Clinton “is the kind of politician we have here in Western Europe – weak, globalist, obsessed by multiculturalism, despising ordinary people, but bending to elites and corporate interest.”

In March, Modrikamen released his first video endorsement for Trump, with a warning for Americans to not let their country become another Brussels.   He said it was once a vibrant, entrepreneurial, peaceful city, but due to the Muslim migration, it has become a third-world city.

In this second video, Modrikamen is again begging Americans to elect Trump.  He refers to the disasters his own country is facing, saying, “Our current leaders failed, and candidate Clinton is just like one of them.”



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