Bernie to the Union Rescue

MANHATTAN: Presidential candidate, and self-proclaimed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, grabbed the endorsement of the local Transport Workers Union.  He also made a trip to Brooklyn, NY to support and appeal to the Communications Workers of America members who are on strike against Verizon.

When Sanders arrived to the picketing line, the gang of disgruntled workers roared for their rock star candidate. “We’ve got a champion who’s fighting for us,” said Christopher Shelton, CWA’s president. “Bernie Sanders!”

Bernie addressed the striking union members by calling them, “brothers and sisters.” Sanders slammed Verizon for its chief executive’s pay and reluctance to pay the benefits the union had asked for.   “I believe we’re gonna win here in New York City, and we’re gonna win here in New York state,” Sanders said.

Bernie could be kidding himself and his supporters.  As of today, Clinton holds a comfortable lead in the NY polls.


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