Beyonce’s Lastest Black Lives Matter Political Stunt

beyonce blm

At the 2016 MTV VMAs on Sunday, Beyonce turned her appearance and her performance into a politically motivated stunt for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Beyonce invited and shared the Red Carpet with the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Oscar Grant III — Sybrina Fulton, Gwen Carr, Lezley McSpadden and Wanda Johnson.

Martin was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer and the other three were killed in encounters with law enforcement officials. The deaths of these four led to the founding and expansion of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Beyonce took her political message one step further when she performed Sunday night.

According to CBS News:

Beyonce looked angelic as she opened with “Pray You Catch Me.” Her dancers ascended in all white and fell to the ground one by one as their spotlights turned red, undoubtedly a reference to gun violence and police shootings. A man in a black hoodie — which became a famous image after Trayvon Martin was shot wearing a hoodie — stood behind Beyonce, holding her shoulders.


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