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Jim Williams organizes Bikers for Trump in Arizona, but on Nov. 21, he was in Virginia with dozens of others on their way to support the president.

Arizona is a key battleground state, and Williams says he’s “one of those that believes there was some funny business going on with the vote.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Some media have called the state for Biden, but “I don’t believe it for a minute,” Williams said.

Williams said everyone is upset about Biden being declared the winner for Arizona. “You’d be hard pressed to find a Biden supporter in Arizona,” he said.

“There is no way Arizona is blue,” Williams declared. “I was born and raised in Arizona; Arizona’s a red state, Arizona’s a free state, and Arizona’s a Trump state,. We’ve got rallies back there for Trump, we’ve got MAGA drag parades 96 miles long, we’ve got rallies every weekend, there’s no way that Biden beat Trump in Arizona.”

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  1. I live in AZ and he is 100% right! This is a solid red state. I work with thousands of people and I did not meet a single Biden supporter here in AZ. Not to mention all the stuff he said!

  2. Michelle, I live in AZ as will. I do not see this state being blue what so ever. They can think it, I don’t see blue anywhere in a lot of these stated they are calling biden wins. There its no way.

  3. My brother and sister in law must be the only Biden supporters even though they both carry and we ALL know what Joe Biden is going to do to the 2nd Amendment and I don’t know how he can be a practicing catholic and support late term abortion.

  4. There’s one way to find out the truth ask everyone in Arizona to sign a petition in favour of president trump those that voted Biden won’t sign and submit the petition as evidence.

  5. Everyone knows it was stolen from President Trump. Pelosi had her fingers in it. She knew way before voting time when she said Trump will be leaving the WH whether he knows it or not. The Democrats really are an evil, criminal, gang of demons. They will sacrifice America and its people to get back into power. I pray Trumps team can provide real evidence it was a crime and those responsible go to prison for a very long time! No matter WHO they are!

  6. Like a spreading deadly virus, Crapifornians are leaving their own failed state and spreading to Arizona, Nevada and Utah, bringing their liberal Democrap values and beliefs with them. Couple that with the fact that Demorats are all corrupt liars and cheats….only a matter of time.

  7. I’m a proud California deplorable, and its so frustrating and disheartening to see all the California “haters“ It angers me too, that liberals leave here and try to ruin our beautiful red states. If I were to move to a red state, it would NOT be to bring liberal “values” and votes. There are so many conservatives and Trump supporters here! We had many, many Trump rallies, parades etc. I believe if they audited our election/elections you would have a different view.


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