Bill Gates: Trump Reminds Me of JFK

After his first phone call with Trump, Bill Gates said Trump’s way of doing things reminds him of the way President John F. Kennedy spoke to the American people about the space mission to get them behind the program.

In a similar way, Gates says Trump plans to organize and get rid of regulatory barriers so that American leadership can be mobilized to innovate in a way that we can make similar grand accomplishments in areas such as education, health breakthroughs, and energy.

Gates made the remarks while speaking with CNBC Thursday morning.  “Of course, my whole career has been along those lines,” Gates said, speaking of innovation. “And he (Trump) was interested in listening to that. And I’m sure there will be further conversation.”

Gates has criticized Trump in the past, saying he isn’t “known for philanthropy,” but during the election, Gates said he hoped for a relationship with whomever becomes the next president.

h/t The Hill



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