DML READERS: “O’Reilly Has Turned On Trump”

A higher than usual amount of emails came into our website voicing concerns about Bill O’Reilly of Fox News. They each voiced concern that the veteran newsman is leaning towards Hillary Clinton.

One person wrote us the following:

“Stephen Colbert, continuing his insistent bashing of Donald Trump on his program The Late Show, brought in O’Reilly to pitchfork comments at Trump. He totally undermined Trump. He has turned on Trump.”

O’Reilly in the interview claims that Trump’s answers to questions asking for specifics on his policy proposals have been “ridiculous.”  O’Reilly claims the Republican nominee has not demonstrated how he would accomplish any of his “plans,” and that he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what goes into accomplishing objectives as a president. Furthermore, O’Reilly believes Trump should stop “whining” regarding things like voter fraud.

Another DML reader wrote in:

“It was hideous to see O’Reilly give support to the character of Hillary Clinton. “He said: If I’m Secretary Clinton, I ignore Donald Trump.’”

In essence, O’Reilly is now giving advice to Clinton. The interview exchange can be watched below:

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