Black Female Voters Standing Up For Trump in EPIC Interview

An MSNBC reporter tried to bait a couple black female Trump voters in Charlotte, North Carolina by asking, “We’ve heard a lot of criticism of Trump’s inner city policies.  What do you make of that criticism?  I’m sure you’ve heard it.”

The women’s responses weren’t what he expected.    The first lady said, “That’s what a President should do – reach out and try to help people and address problems that are going on in our country.”

The reporter, MSNBC’s Jacob Rascon, tried again with the second lady, going back to the alleged “criticism” against Trump.

The second lady let him have it with both barrels, saying, “My word to all black Americans is let’s not be deceived. Look at the record.  Look at the promises that have been over the past by the Democratic party.   We’re not voting for party – we’re voting for a man who has been standing by all citizens…. He loves America… and he also loves all people!”

She said there’s that deception out there that Trump has no black supporters… “Wrong! He does!”

The reporter had nothing else to say.

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