Black Girl Brutally Attacks High School Trump Supporter

People all around the country are being viciously attacked simply because they supported Donald Trump in the presidential election.

A shocking video recently posted online shows a high school girl being beaten by another student because she expressed her political opinion on Instagram by posting an update that supported the President-elect.

Jade Armenio, a sophomore at Woodside High School was attacked by a black student who accused her of “hating Mexicans.”

Mercury News reported that the girl threw jade to the ground and hit her multiple ties until she was left with a bloody nose, scratches and bruises.

“She’s pretty shaken up, and rightfully so,” said Todd Armenio, the father of the girl who was attacked. “It makes me sick to my stomach that people would do this to other people. It’s sickening, and no one has the right to touch another person.”

The girl who attacked Jade has been suspended and will be having an expulsion hearing. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office is also currently investigating the altercation.

A video of the brutal attack can be seen below:


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