Black Lives Matter Armed Protest Over Darren Seals Death


Following last week’s murder of Ferguson activist Darren Seals, on Sunday armed protesters marched through the Central West End neighborhood in a show of force, blaming police for the death of Seals.

Seals was a member of the Black Lives Matter movement and a main protest leader and organizer in Ferguson in 2014. Last week his body was discovered in a burning vehicle where he had been fatally shot before the vehicle was set ablaze. Police have labeled the death as a homicide, but investigators have yet to release any new information about their leads.

Video footage from Sunday shows a group of 20 to 30 people walking along residential streets on their way to the area’s business district, chanting “Who killed Darren Seals?” and “Defend black lives.” Several people in the protest are carrying rifles and shotguns while openly declared their affiliation with Revolutionary Black Panther Party. Wearing tactical vests, the armed group chanted “F*** the pigs” and “Free us — or you die cracka” as they walked.

“We came out here to represent for D Seals,” protester Dhoruba Shakur said in a Facebook Live video. “The man was assassinated by the police, attacked by the state.”

The live feed video posted by Shakur can be seen below:


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