Black Lives Matter Celebrates Cop Killings

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After the cold-blooded murder of three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday, social media posts in support of Black Lives Matter and anti-police, including calls for additional police killings, is going strong, and Twitter is allowing the messages to remain.

There’s a reason Twitter is turning “pro-Black Lives Matter”.   Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and BLM activist DeRay Mckesson are allegedly close allies and friends, and have been seen together many times.   

Recently they shared the stage during a Q&A session to address the issue of partisan censorship, Breitbart reported:  

BLM 7 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey DeRay Mckesson

“I think a platform is best when it carries every voice,” claimed Dorsey in the Q&A session after being questioned on the topic of partisan favoritism. “I believe we need to build a platform that respects and amplifies every voice in a way that the world needs to hear it. I trust that the world will amplify and retweet and have conversations where appropriate.”



Below are just a few examples of anti-police postings in the past two days:

DeRay Mckesson retweeted this message, bewildered that anyone would think the police are being “attacked” all across the country:





One person who claims to be a DJ working with high-profile rappers just couldn’t say enough.












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