Black Lives Matter Say Shooting Gorilla was Racist to Protect “White Child”

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Liberals and Black Lives Matter activists took to social media to call the shooting of the gorilla Harambe an act of racism — “the killing a gorilla to save a white kid” as they framed it. In case you missed it, social media has been ablaze over the story of a 4-year old child managing to slip into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. The gorilla was shot down and killed after it dragged the four-year-old child around like a rag doll. It was all caught on cell phone video.

Soon, the child’s mother took to Facebook to debunk her critics who were calling her neglectful. As the Facebook profile pictures and close examination of the video reveal, the child was indeed not white. In fact, the family is African American with criminal backgrounds. Looks like BLM didn’t get their facts straight…

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Meet the boy’s mother, Michelle Gregg, 32, who has three additional children by father Deonne Dickerson, 36. It’s been revealed the father of the child has a lengthy criminal record stretching back for more than 10 years, including burglary, firearms violations, drug trafficking, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and kidnapping. In 2006, Dickerson served a one-year sentence for a drug trafficking.

Some conservative voices took to Twitter to ridicule Black Lives Matter about their claim of racism, when the child was in fact black and the neglectful father even has an extensive criminal history.

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