Black Lives Matter Goes on A Rampage

Riots and demonstrations erupted across the nation Thursday night, in response to two police shootings of black men this week in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis.

In addition to the slaughter of five police officers in Dallas, rioters also came out in massive numbers in other cities:

OAKLAND, CA:  About 2,000 rioters marched into the downtown district, poured red paint on the front door of a police station, and blocked traffic on Interstate 880, with cars backed up on the freeway in both directions.

They spray-painted slogans on the pavement, including one that said, “Burn it to the ground.”   Other protesters climbed up on top of a semitrailer that was stalled in the traffic jam they had created.

The group “Occupy Oakland” posted a photo of the traffic jam on Twitter, saying it was a “beautiful thing.”


LOS ANGELES, CA:  Protesters demonstrated at the City Hall:




President Obama, who has hosted Black Lives Matter leaders at the White House and stated that he is proud of their efforts, is currently in Warsaw, Poland, and called for “calm.”



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