Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested for Sex Trafficking 17 Year Old Girl

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Black Lives Matter leader and activist Charles Wade doesn’t seem to think teenage girls lives matter. Wade, a prominent figure in the BLM movement, was arrested in late April for human trafficking and prostitution over a 17-year-old girl he allegedly pimped.

According to FOX NEWS, Wade was detained by police at the motel Howard Johnson Inn in College Park, Maryland where he was keeping the girl captive. Wade retorted to authorities he thought the girl was 23 and that he was trying to “house” her for the sheltering charity Operation Help or Hush. Wade also tweeted after he was bailed out that “conservative trolls” were trying to smear his arrest:

“For the past two to three days, ‘trolls’ have been actively baiting conservative news outlets to report on my arrest, amongst other vindictive things that they are actively working on. I am confident that I will be cleared of the charges I am currently facing,” Wade tweeted.

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Investigators had been monitoring Wade on a website the leader is a member of, known as, which is frequently used by human traffickers. Wade was not only listed at number 40 on The Root magazine’s 100 influential black activists, but he was also invited Tuesday by the White House to a movie screening with other Black Lives Matter activists.


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