Black Man Arrested for Simply Walking

Call it miscommunication or bad judgement, but a new video surfacing from an incident in Edina, Minnesota has African-Americans outraged.  In the video a police officer arrests a black man for walking in the road to avoid construction workers doing work on the sidewalk. The black man is Larnie Thomas.

The footage was taken by Janet Rowles.  She urges the police officer to stop aggressively grabbing the back of Thomas’s jacket while he shouts he’s done nothing wrong.  Regardless of his pleas, Olson shoves Thomas in front of an unmarked squad car and holds him there until his partner arrives and handcuffs Thomas.

“You’re walking down the middle of the street,” Olson exclaims at Thomas.

“I’m on the damn white line! You can’t just put your hands on me like that!” Thomas retorts back. “You’re gonna take me to jail for this s***?”

The video has been posted to YouTube, with users and viewers commenting their frustration at the event and demanding the officer be suspended.

Video below:


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