Yesterday, we posted a video of a Chinese man dragging a Chinese woman by her hair across a 6-lane highway. Not one person stopped to help her. We received a ton of comments stating that the sort of behavior seen in the video is normal in China.  Apparently, it is commonplace for Chinese men to beat Chinese women?  Sounds absurd.

The video also sparked a wave of comments from people who claim men beat on women in public every day here in America but nothing is done about it.

Today, a woman sent us a link to a disturbing video posted just days ago on Youtube.  Her message read, “Society has changed — men hitting women is now accepted activity.”  In the video a black man attacks a white woman in broad daylight while people just stand around and watch. The man who films the video actually finds it amusing that the woman was mauled.

The video was filmed in New York City.

All that can be heard at the start of the video is the woman telling the man, “My father is going to find you and f*ck you up.”


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