Black Men Ask Where Are Black Lives Matter During LA Flooding Crisis?

A black conservative man has posted a though-provoking video this week about the complete absence in Louisiana during the flooding crisis of all the activists who proclaim that black lives matter.

Anthony Brian Logan in Virginia responds to a Facebook Live video by another (unidentified) black man in Baton Rouge who asks, “Where are the Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers?   I ain’t seen one Black Lives Matter boat or one Black Panther boat!  All I’ve seen is people from our own city saving and going in and rescuing people.”

He said, “We must not matter too much, because I haven’t seen ya’ll yet, when we really need ya!”

Logan pointed out that Black Lives Matter is well-funded, but where is the money going?


Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson has been to Baton Rouge before – he went there in July to join an anti-police, Black Lives Matter demonstration and ended up getting arrested.   But since the devastating flood in the Baton Rouge area that has displaced thousands and taken the lives of at least 13 people – with black lives and white lives in desperate need – there has been no news of Mckesson returning to help the people of Louisiana.



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