Black NRA activist speaks out against Black Lives Matter

Colion Noir, a gun rights activist, lawyer and member of the National Rifle Association, hosts the web series Noir on NRA Freestyle. His latest video on NRA TV delivers a hefty dose of common sense as he speaks out against Black Lives Matter.

Noir says he originally supported the ideals of Black Lives Matter, which he says was intended to repair the relationship between some black communities and police. Then, he said, they became a “weaponized race-baiting machine” after liberal organizations, including George Soros, began funding them.

He denigrated attempts by BLM activists to label everything “white supremacy,” as well as their efforts to have a recent video released by NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch removed from the air. Critics say the video calls for violence against black people. Noir says that after repeated viewings, he remains unconvinced that the video calls for any violence.

You can watch his powerful commentary here.

The video is receiving a lot of positive feedback on Twitter.

Of course, those with opposing views also had their say. One particularly insulting response includes a video of Daffy Duck tap dancing and reads: “People will do anything for attention and a paycheck. Dancing for massa.”

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