BLM Activist Releases Radical Plans for Baltimore

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Candidate for mayor focuses on police reform and education, redirecting police budget to education opportunities.

DeRay McKesson, a Black Lives Matter activist, and mayoral candidate for Baltimore, has released his 19-page plan for steps he would take to make dramatic changes in the city.   Most of his plan details major reform in law enforcement.

He wants an open database on police complaints with information about number of complaints against each officer, type of complaint and outcome of each investigation – but he wants automatic expungement of criminal records to help individuals overcome current bureaucratic hurdles to getting their records removed from public view.

Other proposed law enforcement reform includes:

  • Replacing officers’ standard issue firearms with “smart guns” that can only be fired by the designated user.
  • Require a majority of Baltimore police officers to be recruited from, and live in, the communities with the highest rates of police contact.

Fines and city fees are not popular:

  • Prohibit the issuing of fines or arrest warrants for civilians who fail to appear in court for a traffic citation.
  • Adjust or eliminate the city’s fines and fees that “disproportionately impact low income residents.”
  • Revise state policy to address high-interest check cashing establishments and other “predatory practices” such as structured settlements, late fees, fine and other penalties, that “take advantage of city residents.”

McKesson states, “I believe that the pathway to community prosperity starts when we reduce the barriers that make it difficult for individuals to find and maintain jobs and open up businesses.”   But he is also calling for a state-wide minimum wage of $15/hour.

CLICK HERE to see the entire document. 


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