BLM Protester Has a Change of Heart About Cops After Deadly Experience

Jerry Ford Jr., a University of Houston grad student and Black Lives Matter leader, has had a change of heart towards police after experiencing a dangerous situation. When Ford was entering his apartment one night, he noticed a young man lurking near his complex. Thinking little of it, Ford went to go unlock his front door, when the man came up to him and held him at gunpoint. The man then stole his phone and wallet, and ran off.

The apartment complex Ford lives in is off campus, so there are no campus police patrols near his community. The complex has experienced multiple robberies and thefts in recent weeks due to a lack of security, and now Ford is advocating for a change.

“I hope they would take a bigger stance and put more security over here because you have a lot of people walking back and forth to class,” Ford told corresponding news outlets. Hopefully, Ford thinks next time about the safety cops provide before joining a movement that demonizes them for their service.


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