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The terrorist group known as Boko Haram has released 91 of the 110 Nigerian school girls they previously kidnapped.

While there has been no mentioning of what happened to the other 19 girls, the extremists claimed they did the Nigerian families a favor and that they are forbidding further teachings of western education.

The Associated Press reports the following:

“LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Boko Haram extremists returned almost all of the 110 girls abducted from their Nigeria boarding school a month ago with an ominous warning, witnesses said Wednesday.

The fighters rolled into Dapchi around 2 a.m. in nine vehicles and the girls were left in the center of town. As terrified residents emerged from their homes, the extremists said “this is a warning to you all,” resident Ba’ana Musa told The Associated Press.

“We did it out of pity. And don’t ever put your daughters in school again,” the extremists said. Boko Haram means “Western education is forbidden” in the Hausa language.

Nigeria’s information minister said 91 of the 110 schoolgirls had been confirmed freed. The fate of the others was not immediately clear.

“No ransoms were paid,” the minister, Lai Mohammed, said in a statement. The girls were released “through back-channel efforts and with the help of some friends of the country, and it was unconditional.””

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