Conditions caused by the “bomb cyclone” that hit the Mid-Atlantic and Northwest United States on Thursday forced one of the world’s largest passenger planes to divert to a small New York airport after heavy winds and whiteout conditions closed runways at John F. Kennedy airport, the plane’s intended destination

According to CNBC, at approximately 1 p.m., a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 landed at Stuart International Airport in New Windsor, 80 miles north of JFK airport.

Following the landing, the 325 passengers aboard Singapore Airlines Flight 26 from Frankfurt, Germany, were left waiting in the plane on a snowy runway for more than three hours.

Manoel Gerlach, a passenger on the flight who was traveling with his wife and son, told CNBC that passengers were allowed to deplane at 5 p.m. using the outdoor stairs, and walk to the terminal.

The Airbus A380 — with its 262-foot wingspan — was too big to utilize the gates at Stewart International Airport, which classifies itself as an “efficient diversion airport.”

A spokesman for Singapore Airlines said that the company provided ground transportation for the diverted passengers.

When conditions allow, the aircraft will be flown to JFK and then back to Germany.

According to, the “bomb cyclone” storm system that pummeled the Northeast caused the cancellation of more than 5,000 flights on Thursday and more than 1,000 flights on Friday.

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