Bombing Suspect Proclaimed His Hatred for America (And was a Bad Dad)


Ahmad Khan Rahami, the official suspect who conducted a series of  bombing attacks around New York, was a deadbeat father who proclaimed his disdain for the United States and made lengthy trips to his home country, Afghanistan. This information has been revealed by Rahami’s girlfriend, Maria (full name undisclosed), who sat down with Fox News to give credible and critical intel about the terrorist.

“He would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home,” she said. “How there weren’t homosexuals in Afghanistan… He seemed standoffish to American culture, but I never thought he would cross the line.” Rahami, 28, never paid child support for he and Maria’s young daughter and Maria says she has not seen Rahami in two years.

“One time, he was watching TV with my daughter and a woman in a [military] uniform came on and he told [their daughter], ‘That’s the bad person,'” Maria said of Rahami’s radicalized views. “I didn’t want him to see my daughter. If he loved her, he would have paid child support. My greatest fear is that he would try to take my daughter.”

Rahami’s fingerprint were found on an undetonated bomb that was recovered in Manhattan Saturday night. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported from the bombings, and it is believed Rahami is the only one behind the attacks. No terrorist cells have been linked to the attacks.

“I never thought he would do something like this,” Maria said through tears during the interview with Fox News. “I think he was brainwashed.”


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