BOMBSHELL REPORT:  FEWER People Voting For Hillary Than In 2008

What happened to all Hillary’s supporters?  Are they just staying home?  A new analysis by Breitbart shows they have vanished!

Clinton is DOWN in votes by 273,321, compared to the same point in her 2008 Presidential race.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was in a three-way race with Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards, and she had earned 12,727,221 votes – compared to only 12,437,734 votes in the 2016 race – for the same time period and same number of states having voted thus far.

Her sole Democratic rival this year is Senator Bernie Sanders.

Breitbart suggests that “if whoever wins the Republican nomination is able to woo these disaffected Democrats into the GOP camp, there could be a blowout in November for the Republican nominee.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is on track to win the most primary votes of any GOP candidate in modern history.




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