Bono Of U2’s Cringeworthy Attempt To Slam Trump On Stage

Alex Bono of the band U2 turned a concert that raised about $10 million for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals in San Francisco and Oakland into a platform for an awkward three-minute political stunt.

On stage the Irish-born rock star “talks to” a huge video of Trump that takes up the entire wall behind him.

A video of Trump talking about his wealth where he says “I’m really rich” plays multiple times. Then Bono “asks” Trump about his immigration policy, and ridicules him about wanting to build a wall across the southern border.

Bono then brings up a poem written on the foot of the Statue of liberty before another video of Trump plays from a speech where Trump says, “I’d like to punch him (a protester) in the face.”

While some cheered as Bono did this, the Trump supporters in the crowd had to be shaking their heads as this awkward attempt to bash the Republican candidate went on.

A video of the stunt can be seen below:



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