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Sunday morning, Fox & Friends interviewed National Border Patrol Council union chief Brandon Judd, in regards to the caravan of illegal aliens from Central America who are marching straight through Mexico on their way to the U.S. border, where they intend to demand asylum.

The interview was held in response to a story first published by BuzzFeed, who has a reporter embedded within the caravan of about 1,500 illegal aliens from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

It appears that this may be the way President Trump learned about the caravan headed to the U.S., as he blasted out his Twitter posts Sunday morning, soon after the interview was broadcast.

Judd slammed the current immigration “catch and release” system that will allow these illegal aliens to be just turned

“First off, you have a Mexican government entity that is assisting these individuals to come up to the United States,” Judd said, noting that these people do not even have passports or legal documents to be in Mexico.

He said the humanitarian group also assisting the illegals should be prosecuted in the United States.

The illegals know the “catch and release” program continues to date.

He said the illegal aliens would be arrested and set for deportation proceedings, but it will never happen.  They will then be transferred to ICE, who will process them, then release them with orders to appear for deportation proceedings “in about two years.”

Judd said the “Obama holdovers” still embedded in the government are allowing the “catch and release” program to go on, and are not following through on President Trump’s vision for border security.

Listen to his complete remarks explaining the alarming process in the video below.


After hearing Judd’s remarks, President Trump’s “Twitter storm” began:

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