Border Patrol: Illegal Immigration Invasion Worse Than 2014

In two exclusive reports, Casey Stegall of Fox News says Border Patrol have informed him that illegal immigration problem is getting worse, and numbers are already on track to surpass the illegal surge from two years ago.

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where about 2/3 of all illegal immigrants cross on the southern border, the numbers are staggering.  Border Patrol says they are apprehending an average of 1,000 people in a single day, just in this sector alone.

Border Patrol Agent Chris Carbera said the surge is due to all the illegals who have made it through and been released into the United States are getting the word back to their home country that now is the time to come, because once Trump gets elected, the wall will go up.

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Family unit apprehensions have already surpassed 2014.    In 2014, border patrol apprehended 66,000 illegal family units.   So far this year, 68,000 illegal family units have been apprehended.

Already, 54,052 unaccompanied illegal children have been apprehended this year – compared to 66,115 for the entire year of 2014.




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