Border Patrol Opens Gate for Illegals to Hug Mexican Family

Border Fence_Illegals Hug 2

Families don’t HAVE to be separated – the illegals could just go back home.  Problem solved.

Friendship Park is an established meeting place on the border between the United States and Mexico, where separated families can meet at the fence and talk to one another.  

But Saturday, April 30th was different, reports the Washington Post.   For only the third time ever, the Border Patrol opened the emergency door and allowed five pre-selected families the chance to hug each other at the gate – for only 3 minutes each.

The date was chosen to celebrate “Children’s Day” in Mexico.  The five families chosen to participate had to undergo a background check by the Border Patrol, and a second vetting by the non-profit organization, Border Angels.

Photo credit: (Sandy Huffaker for The Washington Post)

Photo credit: (Sandy Huffaker for The Washington Post)

On hand to witness the monumental event intended to tug heartstrings was a crowd of reporters and photographers, three Border Patrol agents, and Democrat Rep. Juan Vargas of California.

“I’m here to support the families that have been broken up,” said Vargas. “The current immigration system is very cruel. You can’t separate children from their parents.”

Editor’s Note:  They separated themselves, Mr. Vargas – and they can easily rejoin their families by returning home anytime they want.    


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