Why border wall is so important (video)

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President Donald Trump recently said his idea of a border wall will have the same effect on illegal immigration, drugs, and criminal illegal aliens entering the United States as Israel’s wall has had on suicide attacks and border crossings in its country.

So, how effective has Israel’s wall been?

Israel constructed a wall in 2003 to prevent Palestinian attacks that were devastating the country and killing innocent lives. In 2002, the year before construction of the wall began, 457 Israelis were murdered; several years after, in 2009, only eight were killed.

A 2015 report by the Jewish Virtual Library (JVL) showed the number of attacks in Israel has decreased by 90% since the wall was built.

The same report by JVL said the number of Israelis murdered and wounded decreased by more than 70% and 85% respectively, after the first few phases of the wall were built.

The United Nations reports the wall consists of fences, ditches, razor wire, a groomed sand path, an electronic monitoring system, patrol roads, and a buffer zone. It also has 8-9-meter high concrete slab segments.

The Israeli government has credited the fence with the reason there has been such a big drop in attacks. The barrier’s total length is 440 miles and it was completed in 2012. The cost was close to $2.6 billion.


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