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Written by DML
Our borders are wide open.  Therefore, in an attempt to help my readers share information that is critical for all Americans to know, this page will include information about the border crisis.

Starting on April 8, 2019 and throughout the entire 2020 election, I will add to this page on a regular basis.   It is your job to share this information on social media.  Bookmark this page or burn the URL into your brain.

Toxic waste coming through the border.  

Today, on, at 12:45pm EST, I premiered a Walk & Talk that highlights a small portion of my upcoming film THEY COME TO AMERICA 4.  If you want to see my previous 3 films on immigration, click the FILMS link in the navigation bar above.

Here are photos I promised…


CONFIRMED Diseases coming through the border.

This from An otherwise-healthy 10-year-old girl is featured in an alarming case report from the New England Journal of Medicine. The girl had been playing in a pigsty in rural Brazil two weeks before visiting a doctor. For the 10 days leading up to her appointment, she had developed painful and itchy lesions on her feet and toes, according to the report, with “black dots in the center.”

The girl turned out to have a skin condition called tungiasis, a parasite infestation caused by a female sand flea. The flea, called Tunga penetrans, can spread the disease to humans and animals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says tungiasis can be found in nearly all countries in Central America.


New York Assembly Democrats on Tuesday blocked a bill that proposed expanding college tuition aid for children of deceased and disabled military veterans after– having a week earlier– approved a state budget that set aside $27 million in college tuition aid for illegal immigrants.

Content provided by NCSL

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia offer in-state tuition to unauthorized immigrant students by state legislative action and five states by state university systems. Sixteen state legislatures—California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington—and the District of Columbia—enacted laws to allow in-state tuition benefits for certain unauthorized immigrant students.

These laws typically require attendance and graduation at state high schools, acceptance at a state college or university, and promising to apply for legal status as soon as eligible. At least five state university systems—the University of Hawaii Board of Regents, University of Maine Board of Trustees, University of Michigan Board of Regents, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and Rhode Island’s Board of Governors for Higher Education—established policies to offer in-state tuition rates to unauthorized immigrant students.

Delaware has considered but not enacted legislation, but two universities in that state—Delaware Technical Community College and the University of Delaware—allow undocumented students to be eligible for in-state tuition and financial aid.

In 2018, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington enacted laws allowing certain immigrant students, such as students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), to be eligible for financial aid.

At least nine states—California, Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington—offer state financial assistance to certain undocumented immigrant students including DACA students. Several states, including Utah, allow public universities to use private sources of funding to support financial aid to unauthorized immigrant students.

Six states—Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri and South Carolina—bar unauthorized immigrant students from in-state tuition benefits.


Imagine being a 2-year old and being sexually molested by a man who is 56.  That’s what took place in Sag Harbor, NY, a haven for illegal aliens.

Imagine being a young teen and being r.a.p.e.d by a man in his 20s.  That’s what happened to TWO girls in East Hampton, another New York haven for illegal aliens that neighbors Sag Harbor.


There is a group called NC FIRE.  They track the crimes carried out on children by illegal aliens.  So far this year, 235 counts of sexual assault and r.a.p.e. against kids in just the one state.

This is the cost of cheap labor.  Where does that cost appear on a spreadsheet?  It doesn’t.


Below are videos shared by Portal Fronterizo Noticias, a news outlet in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, a city on the Guatemalan-Mexico border.

Translation: “It is early to enter a new caravan of Central American migrants illegally to national territory by the municipality of suchiate, who seek to reach the northern border of the country to cross the
United States. Right now
se dirigen a Tapachula.”

The next video shows the migrants breaking down the border fence and forcing their way into Mexico, in the pre-dawn hours of the morning.
Translation: “As it is already custom 😤 in the face of the ineptitude of migrant federal authorities enter Mexico violently. In this video it is again appreciated as migrants from different nationalities of Central America violently enter Mexico this morning causing destruction.”

Translation: “The first members of the migrant caravan are coming to the central park of tapachula, this caravan entry is early in an illegal and violent way to Mexico. They are approximately 2 500 migrants who integrate this new caravan.”

Translation: “The Caravan of migrants is heading to Tapachula.”

Translation: “The authorities of the National Institute of migration and the federal police tried to divert the caravan of migrants towards the issuance. But it didn’t work, they’re heading to Tapachula.”

Migrants march through Tapachula on Friday:

Translation: “The Caravan of migrants arrived at the central park of Tapachula.”

Portal Fronterizo also reported migrants coming through their city had also burned a pinata of President Trump:

Translation: “In protest activists, Cuban, Haitian and African migrants burn piñatas with characters such as Trump, López Obrador, Olga Sanchez and Carmen Yadira of Los Santos. To the outside of the facilities of the migration station century x1.”

On April 1st, it was reported that a local taxi drive was killed, reportedly by a Central American migrant:

Translation: “Alleged Central American assaults and kills a taxi driver in the state capital. Last night a taxi driver was killed by an alleged assailant. The facts occurred in the northern issuance of tuxtla gutiérrez, where a person who traveled as a passenger tried to assault him but resisted and in response was attacked with a white weapon. The taxi driver drove a few meters and stopped in front of the university of sciences and arts of chiapas, where he finally lost his life by trying to descend from his vehicle, while the assailant was arrested by some citizens who wanted to throw The name of the deceased is Brigido Ibarra Sánchez, 61 years old.”



April 16, 2019 – U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced on Twitter Tuesday that Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 1,000 illegal aliens from Central America before 5 a.m. this morning, just in the El Paso and Tucson sectors alone.




DML Walk & Talk April 20 about this topic.



Hundreds are killed as a result of Muslim extremists carrying out terror attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. The media breezes over the “Muslim” part of the story. Also, immigration has accounted for the majority of population growth in the US in 2018, according to the Census report.

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  1. I’ve been concerned about diseases coming into our country from South America since the beginning of our border crisis. If the left doesn’t think this is an emergency, then we’re in a real bad situation people.

      • The only thing sadly that is truth, is the left getting exactly what they want. They have never done anything to show that they care anything about America. So selfish and unrighteous. It makes me sad there are people who just hate when their opinions and wants are not embraced. It’s like their psychological development stopped at age 2.

      • Yes, the chigoe flea, commonly called Jiggers can be an epidemic very soon. I follow a site called Rise Up Society in Kenya, Africa. They were brought to Kenya from Latin America during the slave trades. It affects 2mil/40mil people there. IT HAS TO BE CUT OUT, suffocation will only lead to secondary infections. One chigoe flea can produce up to 200 eggs in 2 weeks when mated, then crawls inside the body, then the female jigger spits them out after approximately 2 weeks.
        After the male and female mate and the female gets inside the feet, hands,elbows and knees. Even the groin area. YEP, BRING OVER EVERYONE WITHOUT MEDICAL, CRIMINAL AND BACKGROUND CHECKS! This is what the Democrats want, what the UN wants, what the New World Order and Socialists want. I don’t understand them…

      • No, as a nurse I know there are diseases being brought here. No vaccinations are given to these people. If you have 95,000 people coming every month( what it was last month)you will have much more disease in America. This does not include the facts of increased typhoid in Los Angeles and San Francisco because these people are homeless and live in the streets. Watch real news and you will become educated not brainwashed!

    • For those POLITICIANS who refuse to acknowledge the danger of UN-vetted INVADERS…WE NEED TO POST THESE TO THEIR FB PAGES FOR ALL TO SEE!!!

      • I’ve posted to my page and to pages of the president, Qanon, Deplorables, etc.!
        PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP! But will they? Some people choose to be ignorant. Don’t worry, when it comes to them, they will blame President Trump, they are very sad!

  2. So sick of this situation and our children and families at risk, we deserve better and the Government has turned its back on its citizens and given illegals priority.
    We pay our taxes for illegals to come in and destroy the country and use our resources and send billions of dollars back to their country as they have absolutely no allegiance to America.
    Trump has changed his mind so many times on Border issues and nothing is getting done.
    There is a huge Caravan coming and it’s at the point of no return.
    I think it’s time for the people to start defending this country ourselves as the government isn’t doing it, they are letting criminals into the country and We Have The Right To Defend Our Families.

    • Sandra the government has not so much turned it’s back on us as THE DEMOCRATS, That’s right they want the votes and that is why they want to lower the age to vote, hell at age 16 kids don’t know shit lil own at 21. Trump has not changed his mind!!! He is fighting for the border all the time and gets slapped in the face by the DEMOCRATS!!!! Just how the HELL are we too defend ourselves? IF our GREAT president is faced with all the shit he is how do you think we the people can do anything? if you come up with something count me in. God Bless , have faith in the Lord, he is with our GREAT President.

    • I think President Trump has/is trying very hard. It seems he has to try different things to see if the Democrats will not try to STOP him in each endeavor. It is the Democrats who want the illegals here, one even wants to tear down the existing wall. They want the votes. Our tax money is being spent to take care of them when some of our citizens go without. I agree they send money back to their country while we support some of them. Hopefully we will get more Republicans in there in 2020 WHO WILL SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, NOT LIKE THE LAST BUNCH WE HAD WHO TRIED TO TEAR HIM DOWN!! It really is sad and it makes me angry to see what the illegals and some Dems are doing to America. Just my thoughts.

    • Trump has NOT changed his mind……The Democrats will NOT Vote to do anything that will help to get the wall built , that will keep them out…..STOP blaming him for everything……..You Demo’s will hate living in the squalled conditions when that is all the areas left to live in…..because you have not helped keep them out….Let’s work together to keep America like it has always been…….

      Joan riksen

    • Yes, the Democrats want a permanent dependent class who will vote for them. And, they are arriving on the caravans. There is a website named PUEBLO SIN FRONTERAS. And it has a Facebook page, too. This group helps organize caravans. I don’t know if this is the only one or not. But, they probably do something. And, I would guess that Soros funnels his money to them. BTW, once on Twitter I said something about the diseases coming into the US. And, they blocked me temporarily. I didn’t dream that up. I read it on the internet from several sites. I wish that we could do something to keep these people out. I’m sorry. But, my ancestors have been here since the 1600s building the country, homes, schools, businesses and fighting in wars. I am pissed that these Central Ams and others can just waltz in, take advantage of our resources, add to our debt, harm us and ruin the country that we built. And, the Democrats are Welcome Wagon.

    • And exactly where are you getting your “facts” MaryAnn? What you are saying is totally false. Illegals are receiving billions and billions of American taxpayer monies for their benefit. That’s just one of several reasons why we are facing this illegal invasion of our country!

      • Where are they getting millions and millions of taxpayers money? The people I know who are here illegally are here simply because they has the misfortune of being born in a country where it’s nearly impossible to support their families. What would you do in that position? They try to do it legally. All they want is an opportunity to take care of their families and help them get a better life. The jobs they are willing to do are jobs that no one here wants. They aren’t hurting anyone. If you don’t want them here illegally, change the laws so they can have the same opportunity that someone in your family had. Oh, and the way to keep your children from getting the diseases that they might bring? Get your kids immunized.

        • Sorry LIBTARD but as usual, YOU PEOPLE DON’T have ANY IDEA what the HELL you are talking about. Just like the idiot moronic immoral pukes you have decided to vote into office. THESE ARE THE DAYS WHERE RIGHT IS WRONG AND WRONG IS RIGHT and people like you are in FULL ON DELUSION!!!!

    • I live in a city where these illegals are brought in by busload, taken to a church, then given food, clothing, shelter, then they are sent on more busloads to different states across the country. Don’t come on this site and lie, MaryAnn. I’ve seen the videos where they are welcomed as soon as they get off of the bus, then are escorted into the church and go through the whole process. Multiple busloads per day. This is in Tucson, AZ. I am very sure more cities have this same thing.

  3. The sand flea is called a jigger and has infiltrated parts of Africa attacking the population there. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube showing “jigger digging”.

  4. Tungiasis is a localized skin disease commonly affecting one foot and caused by the burrowing flea Tunga penetrans. This is also known as sandflea, jiggers or chigoe infestation. It has been found in Central and South America, the West Indies, Africa, Madagascar, India and Pakistan. It is the smallest known flea, measuring approximately only 1 mm in length and lives in soil near pigsties and cattle sheds. The females require blood and penetrate to the superficial dermis. After nourishment through several days, eggs are laid to the exterior and the flea dies. Make sure you give complete geographic information when posting inflammatory border hysteria stuff, Dennis.

    • Thank you LolaC, I’m getting real tired of the paranoia. Some of DML’s followers are completely freaking out over stuff that they haven’t even researched themselves.

      • Were we just freaking out when an illegal alien working in the cafeteria of a Texas college just a few blocks from my house spread drug resistant TB to several students? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid!

    • If you thinks this is border hysteria you need to research! Maybe this particular case is not a huge deal, there are diseases and illness being brought over that are more then capable of causing a serious problem that we are not equipped to deal with.

    • Lola C, you can not be that ignorant, sorry but folks need to think before they lash out at others, this site is too warn you of what the diseases that can come from across the borders!!! and I am sure there is MANY. we need the wall, we need to protect our border, our GREAT President Trump has been working hard to get this done and all he gets is slapped in the face by democrats!!! It has to stop. Pelosi and Schumer act as they are the president, and Obama is doing political things behind our GREAT Presidents back. shame , shame, shame, we need our country back again, b4 it is too late and diseases run rapid.

    • Lola C, What part of “The Border and The Disease Coming Over into The US” DON’T you understand? DML’S story is relevant.

    • You call this hysteria? We have had numerous outbreaks of diseases here that we were either immunized against or don’t even have vaccines for, several kids of our own have died- you people (so-called) need to get your heads out of your rears! AMERICA IS NOT A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY (YET) AND WE TEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! DON’T LIKE IT? THEN GTFO! WE HAVE ENOUGH OF OUR OWN TO TAKE CARE OF AS IT IS- YOU MAKE ME SICK

    • Yes, it is treatable. Google it. They can be frozen out, taken out with a needle, smothered with an ointment and other ways. They are easily spread, they are here in the U.S. having come from tropical areas. They can be prevented simply by not going barefoot in areas where they might be. Before living in Central America, we were warned to not EVER go barefoot. Even in the shower we wore flipflops.

  5. Again, please stop using fear tactics to promote the border wall. Americans have been crossing the southern border for decades, and have brought back potentially deadly diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and STDs. American citizens cross the Mexican border daily seeking goods, medical attention and recreation subjecting themselves to food-, water- and airborne diseases they carry back with them. I grew up in South Texas, just a few miles from the border. We used to cross regularly. We swam in the river, ate the food, bought candy and cigarretes from the street peddlers. Illegals were crossing the border on a regular basis back then too. There is a crisis at the border, but it’s a humanitarian one and it’s nothing new.

    • unlike those from south of the border, Americans predominantly enter Mexico LEGALLY. Otherwise Mexico would jail them should they get caught. unlike here in the USA where we just turn them loose hoping they will come back for their court dates.

      And we American’s DON”T take diseases INTO Mexico.

      • That last comment is absolutely false and very ignorant. America has the capacity to fix the immigration problem, but the government (both republicans and Democrats) have not made it a priority. The wall is only symbolic of America’s insecurity, laziness and greed. To be the world’s greatest, and most powerful, country takes leadership that our current government is not capable of.

    • You call this hysteria? We have had numerous outbreaks of diseases here that we were either immunized against or don’t even have vaccines for, several kids of our own have died- you people (so-called) need to get your heads out of your rears! AMERICA IS NOT A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY (YET) AND WE TEND TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! DON’T LIKE IT? THEN GTFO! WE HAVE ENOUGH OF OUR OWN TO TAKE CARE OF AS IT IS- YOU MAKE ME SICK

      • You’re response reeks of fear and is filled with hatred. America was born because of people who lived in fear for their beliefs, wanted freedom and opportunities. They made the treacherous journey to find it (sound familiar?). My ancestors came from the original Americas. This is my land as much as it is yours.

        • Really Gloria, I think America (US) was actually formed due to ‘No taxation without representation’. If your ancestors came here they came and were ‘accepted’ to stay here after vetting and a tough physical……bad results of either sent them back IMMEDIATELY on the next ship!

          Then there is assimilation into our country that was so important to our country the gov’t limited immigration on and off as needed to allow assimilation to be achieved.

          You want open borders with no hitch you better open your house to immigrants, as the whole world will come and some will either live with you or move you out and take your ‘stuff’. Is there anyone out there that really believes open borders is the way for the US to stay strong and the number 1 country in the world? People can’t be that dumb in their search for Eutopia, which only exists in Heaven!!


  6. Please, inform yourself better before communicating with your audience. This disease is not present in Mexico! This disease is found in the tropical parts of Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and India. Mexico has never been contaminated with this type of disease. Why do some Americans go out of their way to make Mexico be seen as the one always at fault?

    • Because they are!
      Are they stopping illegals (to them as well per Mexican laws) at their southern border?? No, they know they are just ‘passing through’.
      Are they stopping the cartels or empowering them by allowing their shipments to the border?

      Start with those two.

    • I follow a site from Kenya, Africa. The chigoe flea AKA Jiggers was brought over to Africa from Latin America during the 15th century from Latin America. I follow a site from Africa. It is still there.

  7. When are we going too understand that this is an invasion of several million illegals continuing to invade our country. We have informed them they must do so legally. Because of the democrats and other liberals who could care less about our great country, the Democratic Party wants the vote at any cost.this is treason, being nice and civilized is not the answer. The President has to declare a state of war and permit our military to do what they were trained to do. It’s hard to fantom what has happened in our country. Try this in China, Russia,North Korea etal this would not be tolerated.the invasion would be met with deadly force. Problem solved. Wake up people!

  8. The chigoe flea, commonly called Jiggers can be an epidemic very soon. I follow a site called Rise Up Society in Kenya, Africa. They were brought to Kenya from Latin America during the slave trades. It affects 2mil/40mil people there. IT HAS TO BE CUT OUT, suffocation will only lead to secondary infections. One chigoe flea can produce up to 200 eggs in 2 weeks when mated, then crawls inside the body, then the female jigger spits them out after approximately 2 weeks.
    The male and female mate and the female gets inside the feet, hands, elbows and knees. Even the groin area. YEP, BRING OVER EVERYONE WITHOUT MEDICAL, CRIMINAL AND BACKGROUND CHECKS! This is what the Democrats want, what the UN wants, what the New World Order and Socialists want. I don’t understand them…


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