Border Patrol Arrest Turns Violent, Illegal Alien Shot Dead

Border Patrol 6 Yuma sector

A lone U.S. Border Patrol agent was brutally attacked by an illegal alien in the Yuma Sector of Arizona, near the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday night.

The incident happened about 10 p.m. Thursday night, when the border patrol agent working alone detected three illegal aliens crossing the Colorado River and entering the U.S.   The agent was in the process of arresting the three, when one of the illegals grabbed for his gun.  As the agent protected his gun, the alien grabbed his radio instead, and started beating him on the head with it, then he grabbed the agent’s steel baton and hit him with that as well.  

Fearing for his life, the agent fired his gun and shot the illegal alien.  Both the agent and the illegal were taken to the Yuma Regional Medical Center, where the illegal alien was declared dead, and the agent was treated for his wounds. The agent received multiple cuts and bruises to his head, face and torso, was diagnosed with a concussion, and received stitches for at least one wound.   He was placed on administrative leave, in accordance with Border Patrol policy.

The illegal alien was not carrying identification, so his name and country of origin are unknown.  The two other illegals were taken into custody, reported the Yuma Sun.


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