In an effort to combat the “hypersexualized” hookup culture that has become popular on college campuses, a Boston College philosophy professor, who is known as the “dating professor,” offered her students extra credit for asking someone out on a date (while sober), going out on that date and having no physical contact.

Professor Kerry Cronin came up with the plan after learning that many of her senior students had never been on a date, Fox News reported.

According to Cronin, most students might not be interested in commitment, with the median ages of men and women getting married in the United States being 29.5 and 27.4, respectively. Many students, Cronin said, are focused on career aspirations instead.

Cronin asserted that the U.S. culture focuses on sex, not the “foibles and the hard work and the joys and the despair of just casual dating.”

In order to receive extra credit in Cronin’s class, a student must ask someone out on a date in person, with the person being asked understanding that they are being invited on a date. When advising students regarding rejection, Cronin tells them not to worry about it, just move on. Cronin contends that rejection results in “thicker skin.”

“This is mostly not about meeting your soul mate; it’s mostly about social courage and challenging yourself to be a little countercultural, to do something you know you want to do,” Cronin said. “And to just be okay with being a little awkward, a little vulnerable and asking a little bit of yourself.”

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