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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by Politico:

A rehearsal for Joe Biden’s inauguration scheduled for Sunday has been postponed because of security concerns, according to two people with knowledge of the decision.

After last week’s riots in Washington, security officials have locked down the Capitol complex, and the National Guard is expected to deploy more than 20,000 troops to assist with security. Top lawmakers and Homeland Security officials have been alarmed about the rising threats around the inauguration, and the FBI warned this weekend of armed protests in all 50 states.

The article goes on to state the following:

The rehearsal is now planned for Monday, the people said.

Biden had also planned to travel by Amtrak from Wilmington, Delaware to Washington, D.C. on Monday, but that excursion has been cancelled as well,  due to heightened security concerns, the report states.

WATCH: National Guard troops flooding in as Washington locks down

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    • I am almost sure he won more of California than usual too, flags and signs still flying out here in the Southern part of the state. People of all backgrounds voted for our President.

  1. Is that really the situation or does it have something to do with Nancy Pelosi’s laptop and the fact that they busted a black lives matter instigate

  2. It’s like when a third-world country hosts a fraudulent election and the military has to protect the process so the citizens don’t try to take their country back. Every step of Biden’s presidency will prove what a sham the entire election was.

  3. Ahh.haa….could it be the classified documents have exposed the SOB Biden for who he really is..a phony fraud who colluded with Pelosi and others to rig this elevtion like zuckerberg and big tech and news media?

    Wonder if F….ing china is starting to unlick their chops and mop up their drool?

  4. We need to stop k it to every co.psny who denied President Trump free speech
    We need to ban every company that spoke out against him,, every bank, every CEO and his/her company and all the rest of the den of ugly minions.

  5. Bet the hotlines are lit up tonight ! This info being disclosed may only hurt clinton and obama, FBI already looks bad and so does DOJ. Can you imagine the phone calls tonight ??
    I can hear it in my head… I didn’t say steal the election..well I didn’t say go after presidents industry, well I say to censure him, well I didn’t say impeach him well I didn’t say plan an invasion Well I’m not going to jail, well I’m certainly not. Then the ho says so I don’t get to be the ho president ? Then the idiot, when is practice for my party, it’s my bday right ?
    First one singing gets better deal but how do you call fbi when they were in on it. Do you think president Trump will pardon the communists lol. If anything from Ukraine is in the stack of papers biden may be done.
    Bet the border patrol man that suddenly resigned Weds after the presidents trip to the wall will be promoted to a position in the new admin. I knew it want just about the wall.
    So if there are now smart cards and data from Italy proving election fraud
    I think those will come out. Governors in swing states and that weasel sos in GA along with abrams and sister judge might be sweating lol
    Glad the president has troops out around the country because no matter what he prof he has blm and antifa types won’t buy it so riots go full scale, if obama gets arrested you bet it’s going tu be ugly.
    Hope Trump supporters stay away from danger, let the military handle it.

  6. Folks this is very telling that there is something more to it than meets the eye, a total of 26K troops and FEMA had been activated? Really??? Since when is FEMA activated for an inauguration?
    Stay tuned Patriots!

    • Thats what I’m thinking. Something is up with all those troops for a non public inauguration. I listened to the the guys talking with Zpence yesterday trying to listen closely and they said this was planned 3 years ago? I looked it up and Trump had little less security for a public inauguration with hundreds of thousands of people there. There was riots, protest, arrest, cars on fire there too.

  7. But they are packing and leaving the White House, there’s only 5 days left and I think we are doomed if Biden gets in. Why the Trump family leaving all to Florida?

  8. So, the practice inauguration was scheduled for Sunday, but, rescheduled for Monday because of security threats? Why is that? Is Sunday the only day security risks allowed? Duh? News flash! If Sleepy, worthless Biden does make it to Presidency, every day of that POS life will be at risk, right along with his Ho running mate!

  9. It’s about time we put a stop to this madness: They stole the election and it all started with Obama, clintons Biden’s are so corrupt! American people have had enough, Trump supporters didn’t storm the capital
    Antifa groups had it planned? We all seen what took place! We are tired of this party cheating, killing our way of life, they will all be exposed, they think we are stupid? American people have had enough we are more than 80 million strong, but ask yourself this if Pelosi was so nervous why would they impeach trump in less than 7 days omg really with no evidence? The storm is coming we have our lord Jesus Christ leading our way?

  10. Those same National Guards will only be there when the rats in Washington wake up on Monday morning as well! So why the delay from Sunday’s rehearsal postponed to Monday? LOL❗️❗️❗️
    Something is going down big soon❗️ Besides the essential TP purchases, make sure popcorn is on the essential list❗️


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