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The Biden team has issued a statement in response to the news that a massive caravan of an estimated 9,000 Honduran migrants have already crossed into Guatemala and are on their way to the U.S. border.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Joe Biden vowed that on his first day in office, he will announce legislation that will provide a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

Friday morning at about 4:00 a.m. local time, thousands of Hondurans set out on their journey to the American border – just five days before Biden’s inauguration. By Friday night, and into Saturday, the mobs of several thousand at a time broke through checkpoints, shoving local police and military aside, as they stampeded on through past the border into Guatemala, on their way to the United States.

The migrants are reportedly “fleeing food-scarce regions devastated by two hurricanes, drought and economic hardship,” and they “pushed past Guatemalan authorities and entered Guatemala without showing documentation or negative COVID screenings.”

Sunday evening the incoming Biden administration had a message for the thousands of migrants heading northward: “Don’t come now.”

NBC reportedA senior Biden transition team official said the perception that the Biden administration will be able to allow all arriving asylum seekers to enter the U.S. to make their claim on day one is false.

“The situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight,” the transition official told NBC News in an exclusive interview.

But the official declined to say when asylum seekers might be able to come to the U.S. and whether they will be detained as they await a court hearing.

Other points made by the senior Biden transition official on Sunday, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, include the following:

  • It will be first come, first serve. The migrants already waiting at the border, “along with other vulnerable populations,” will be first in line for processing and entry.
  • New asylum seekers coming during the first few weeks of the Biden administration “need to understand they’re not going to be able to come into the United States immediately.”
  • The Biden administration’s new immigration legislation is intended for undocumented immigrants already living in the U.S., and not new arrivals.
  • Biden’s plan does intend to end President Trump’s policy that required asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico, but says it will not happen as soon as Biden takes office.
  • The thousands headed toward the U.S. border “will not find when they get to the U.S. border that from Tuesday to Wednesday, things have changed overnight and ports are all open and they can come into the United States.”

The Biden official declared, “There’s help on the way, but now is not the time to make the journey.”

The official added that Biden intends “to set up a way to safely process migrants at the border and allow asylum seekers to make their claims,” but it will happen “over time.”

Below is a sampling of the videos shared on social media, as the thousands of migrants make their way northward:

WATCH: Here’s the moment thousands of migrants headed for USA broke through and stampeded past Guatemala border authorities [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were among the Democrat candidates who raised their hand during a Democrat primary debate in June 27, 2019 to say their government healthcare plan would include undocumented immigrations.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for January 15 is embedded below. DML covers the news of President Trump getting ready to declassify documents related to the Russia collusion hoax. He also spoke about Biden’s amnesty plans, and the crazy $1.9T relief package he vows to sign into law. Lastly, DML discussed some of the RADICAL LEFT stories in this week’s news. Please listen and share, and be sure to download the DML NEWS APP so you never miss a podcast.

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  1. To late you Idiot ! You should have told them to come after Jan 20 . But wait Trump will be President. We will see popcorn in hand . Going to be a rocky crazy week!

  2. He slammed Trump so much on COVID, well now he will own the spike if they manage to cross the boarder. The Dems won’t be able to live this one down.

  3. Don’t come now?? That’s the new admins response to these 9000 about to hit our border undocumented??? Oh we’re up the creek without a paddle

  4. Weakness! Joe Biden isn’t even President yet, and he’s failed already! Say what you want about President Trump , but at least he got the job done on the border!

    • Yes he kept our border secure, keeping out criminals plus people who bring diseases with them. We don’t have unlimited space for illegal immigrants. Stay away.

  5. Hey Joe, how you gonna give these folks free healthcare , free housing, free tax returns, when you are in Gitmo?
    Freaking pedo
    And Heels up, she’s useless too

  6. Oh no Ole Sleepy Joe …you said they could come. How stupid is Joe Biden when we are all locked down. Maybe they all need to stay in all of his three houses since the big dummy will be living in the White House.

  7. Someone needs to hand the immigration baton back to President Trump! These two newbies will not be able to handle this fiasco!😳

  8. Joe Biden has not even taken office and he is already destroying our country! “Don’t come now”, really Joe? You are a moron! Thousands of unchecked people will be crashing our border soon! How many of these people are infected with COVID? How many are criminals? Our economy and our health cannot afford this influx of people! I can’t say this with any more sarcasm…Way to go Joe!

    • It’s maddening! We will be invaded and we will have more crime and sickness. Joe Biden will give our country to China the next 4 years and let people in here from wherever.

      • He and his administration could care less! With their wealth, private security, private government health and benefits, etc. they won’t feel the direct effects of all of these disastrous decisions … nor will all the idiotic celebrities.

  9. i am having chest pains over this I been hoping and praying Trump can fix this mess and stay in this is getting so bad right now and Biden will make our life miserable and a living hell why do the dems went this kind of life

    • Because they do t live our kind of lives, They are privileged, pampered, sheltered, elitists tyrants who don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. We’re d teed for the next 2-4 years with the Obama 2.0 administration.

    • The Dems don’t think about the end result of their social engineering. It looks good on paper, so they do it.
      People don’t act like the plan said, but they’re too arrogant to change.
      After all, they have walls and gates in their neighborhoods.
      Screw the working stiff, screw us all.
      Keep praying for God to save us, He’s the only one who can.

  10. I have started following Lin Wood on fireside chat. Episode 8 Lin says Pence has committed treason more than once. Lin said Pence has been involved in pedophilia and he himself saw the videos. It is the real Lin Wood and he is telling it like it is, saying some kids died.
    You really need to hear it, he says we will be ok. Want to believe it. He supports the president all the way.
    biden jrs Laptop had all the blackmail on it.

  11. Maybe Biden should have made that a lil more clear to these immigrants flocking to America with there disease’s and criminal backgrounds while debating Trump! This Dipshit is going to fuck this country up in a heartbeat!

  12. That’s right Biden, let these diseased bastards into our country, take our jobs, get our hard earned money to house, cloth, and feed them, while alot of our Vets live on the streets, going hungry. Not to count, how many are fleeing criminals! Way to go Beijing Joe!

  13. Those illegals are not going to turn around. Not going to happen. biden was told a tidal wave would come, he made promises to people that expect him to follow thru, he has people a lot here wanting payment for getting him elected .. the ho can’t wait to get the golden checkbook. Working class will not survive ..none of us may.

  14. The left should be used to NO crowd
    control now. They have put up with it
    for almost a year now in dealing with BLM
    and ANTIFA. If all of you thought what
    happened at the House was bad last week
    just wait until this hoard come to DC
    wanting to talk about their heroes in the
    Biden Harris administration. Here’s a fact
    this will not be blamed on President Trump.
    You will have to deal with this one.

  15. Where will basement joe get the funds to support all of these people? I guess from his personal “big guy” fund.

    We, The People Do NOT want to pay for existing illegal aliens in OUR country, let alone more of them.

    It’s OUR money, basement joe, NOT yours, and NOT Congress’s money.

    Zip up all pocketbooks with regard to any funds going to ANY current and future illegal aliens.

  16. How can these parasites afford phones when they can’ t afford food? Turn them around and send them back to the craphole they just left.

  17. Their economic hardship is due to the socialist countries they live in so basically they are running from the smoke into the fire🤦🏼‍♀️

  18. What about the Billions of dollars we just sent Guatemala out of our last coviid/omnibus spending bill?????
    Where did that money go?????
    It was supposed to help feed those people!!

  19. That’s all we need is law breakers. If they broke the law storming through a border fence and crossed into Mexico, you know they will break laws if they come here.

  20. BE PATIENT, they will never cross our border (distraction). Be calm. Take care of yourselves and family. So much going on behind the scenes. We actually only have two SCOTUS that are true. Truth is coming. God is with us. There were three lap tops turned into repair shop, left on purpose. One was not his. On one the CCP party had a deal with Pakistan but there was a blackout, no deal was made. Listen out for 1/1/19, backwards it’s 911. Trump is in control he has all. He wants us to stay home with patients.


  22. Too bad that under international law Guatemalan don’t qualify for asylum here, they qualify at the first border they come to. And they will probably get in anyway, does anyone belive basement Biden or anyone in his administration will tell us the truth….

    I wonder if all those people working so hard to steal our elections thought for even one frickin minute they were going to enable an invasion of diseased, useless eaters in to take their places at the table…

  24. The Democrats will be waiting at the border with open legs, a crap load of our tax dollars, and party registration documents.

  25. Biden is even worst than obama I think he will now be the bumbling idiot ever for president even thou i do not support him I salute Trump he’s the man. Biden is working for communist china


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