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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) filed a second lawsuit against the Trump administration Friday for withholding federal grant money for police departments due to the city’s sanctuary policies.

The city filed a lawsuit over similar conditions last year, but Chicago officials argue that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump‘s Justice Department (DOJ) imposed new restrictions, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

Under its so-called sanctuary city policy, Chicago does not enforce federal immigration laws.

The article goes on to state the following:

The new DOJ rules reportedly require local police receiving federal grant money to inform immigration officials about people in their custody with “questionable legal status” and to be granted access to prisoners for questioning.

According to the Tribune, Chicago has a written ordinance that prevents federal immigration officials’ from having access to people in police custody, except for those wanted on a criminal warrant or who have serious criminal convictions.

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  1. It feels good to be winning. Thank you President Trump. Those that support these crime ridden, drug filled, disease festering sanctuary cities should all be exiled and sent to live in Venezuela. Traitors and enemies of America have no place in this GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY.

  2. The police in Chicago are mostly watchers not doers. The crime just get worse everyday. The thugs run the city not the police. Emanual is an Obama liberal, he has no control in Chicago. The lawsuit is just another game that he plays. I’m sure that withholding funds, did not help or harm, the situation.

  3. Excuse me, but defying federal law is what got you into this mess to begin with. If law enforcement are not allowed to notify ICE they are detaining an illegal…then you are undermining their authority, which is causing them not to put their whole hearts into protecting the community. Giving illegals sanctuary in your city is jeopardizing the safety of your own citizens. I can’t believe the people of Chicago are embracing this insanity.

  4. Federal Law takes precedence over state law, at least it did under Obama, so Rahm how has it changed! Filing suit won’t get any money, it just makes you look good to some people. You want that money because Chicago and Illinois is broke!

  5. We the people of Chicago are NOT embracing this imbecile’s stance and NEVER have. The time is here for all taxpayers of this city to oppose this clown’s act and stop this “sanctuary city” status which is illegal to begin with.

  6. I sure agree. When no following Federal Law about Sanctuary cities, and harboring illegal criminals even, why should you get Funds from the government!

  7. Turnabout: If these heads of sanctuary cities demand our tax dollars while they blatantly violate federal immigration laws then the supremacy clause must be thrown out and citizens should then have the right to sue every and any city/town/state for damages/injuries/deaths committed by an illegal alien residing within their sanctuary city.

    • Great point. Add to that that we can sue the individuals that make up the government agencies that are making those sanctuary policies. Personal responsibility usually gets these fools attention.

  8. Rahm is such a turd. He has money to spend on flowers, parks and walkways that you get mugged or raped on but he keeps on hiring police while he can’t come up with money to pay huge pension payments. Half of the city is really angry with him because of the Laquan McDonald death case.

  9. NO sanctuary city should receive Federal funding for law enforcement. The people who have wormed their way into America should go through the citizenship process or leave, and sanctuary cities should have ALL Federal funding withheld. They are breaking the law by giving sanctuary to illegals from all countries worldwide, instead of helping these people to become legitimate citizens. Rahm is not a person worthy of holding ANY office! He should move to a country that has HIS values, and quit trying to act like an American… he is a lousy person… a low-life swamp bottom feeder, and should be rode out of town on a rail!

  10. Our system is about as good as it can get – the states have rights to do most things and the fed can’t force them to go against their laws, but what the fed can do is stop the flow of money going to the state. That is what is happening here. If the people in the state are happy with what their ahole leader is doing and don’t mind giving up the fed money then all is ok. To try and force the fed to give them money won’t work and is just an additional waste of the state taxpayer money. The communists don’t care how much money they waste because it comes from working people – they will just take more if they need it. Give Trump and his team a chance to fix the city and state and see what happens – it can’t be any worse than what the dems have done to it.

  11. Put aside the state VS city VS federal arguments. This is simply contract law. With the grant comes terms and those terms are a contract. The terms require the recipient to support the grantor. In declaring themselves a sanctuary and NOT supporting the federal immigration agreements the city of Chicago is in contractual default and the the grant is (if the grantor decides) null and void. ALL business law depends on the courts supporting (finding for) the letter of the contract. So let Chicago sue – hundreds of years of precedent and contractual law support the federal government in this type of case. Even better – let them fight this up to the Supreme Court – there can be only one outcome. Chicago complies with immigration law of loses this and (if the government wishes) all future grants. In the mean time (please) no more grants. These have drop dead dates and by simply NOT reissuing a grant the city is dropped from the grant program. There is NO law that forces the giving of a grant to an entity that does not follow previous grant guide lines. The Rhamster is gaming the system and bluffing his butt off. Call that bluff. Next – San Francisco and their human dung filled streets – giddie up.

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