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Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a legal effort to ward off civil unrest that has taken over several cities in the nation protesting the treatment of Black people by law enforcement.

Working with the GOP-led state legislature, DeSantis said the details of the law that would be introduced in the next legislative session would include minimum six-month jail terms for anyone found guilty of throwing an object at law enforcement officers. It would also define specific penalties for blocking roadways, toppling monuments or harassing people in public among other things.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is a very robust package,” DeSantis said. “I think what it is saying is we’re not going to let Florida go down the road where some of these place have gone.”

Some of the key points in the bill reportedly include:

  • Charges for violent protests and looting would be categorized as 3rd degree felonies.
  • Blocking a roadway or interstate, destroying public property, statues and monuments, or harassing innocent people in public will be a crime.
  • Drivers would not be held liable for injury or death if they are fleeing for safety when protesters are blocking a roadway
  • Anyone convicted under the new law will not be eligible for unemployment or other state benefits.
  • People from out-of-state will be penalized further.
  • New mandatory minimum: 6 months for striking a law enforcement officer during an “violent assembly”
  • Anyone arrested for violent or disorderly assemblies will be jailed and not eligible for bail before initial court appearance
  • The bill will cut state funding for cities who “defund the police”
  • They’ll go after any groups funding or organizing the violent protests


To get more information about this article, please visit ORLANDOSENTINEL.COM.

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  1. This all seems like it should have already been a law. My stupid Governor in Louisiana will never do something smart like this. I guess it’s just up to me and the rest of us to make sure it doesn’t happen.

  2. I would love to see this law protecting officers from rioters. I think if the throw an object that could cause death that they be charged with attempted murder and anyone who causes the death of a Police Officer should get the death penalty. That would be a move in the right direction not only for law enforcement but good for America!!!

  3. I live in Polk County Florida and our sheriff Grady Judd is the best in the country. Portland and every violent Demonrat city needs a man like Grady Judd to bring on the law.


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