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The House late Wednesday night gave the green light to the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in a 220-212 vote.

The vote was initially scheduled to happen Thursday but was moved up due to a potential threat to the Capitol related to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The article goes on to state the following:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), who represents the Minnesota district where George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police last May, served as Speaker pro tempore during the floor debate over the legislation.

The report states that the bill would revise national policing standards on several levels, including the following:

Racial profiling at every level of law enforcement would be prohibited; chokeholds, carotid holds and no-knock warrants would be banned at the federal level; qualified immunity for officers would be overhauled and a national police misconduct registry would be created so officers who were fired for such discretions could not be hired by another police department.

If police departments do not comply with the new rules, federal funding would be stripped from the department.

The report notes that the bill faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where several Republicans are slamming it. No Republicans in the House voted for it, and two Democrats, Reps. Jared Golden (Maine) and Ron Kind (Wis.), voted against it.

Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted Wednesday night, “BREAKING NEWS. Pelosi’s Democrats just voted to defund police departments across the country.”

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy also tweeted, “BREAKING —> Democrats just voted to defund the police. The unfunded mandates in their bill, H.R. 1280, would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollars—the equivalent of taking 3,000 cops or more off the streets. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.”

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) gave a fiery speech from the House floor in opposition to the bill.

Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah) also spoke out in opposition to the bill:

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  1. House Democrats do not want America protected! This is all about them controlling us. They want a Third World Country in America! I wish we could get rid of Congress. They are useless!

  2. Screw Floyd
    He was a felon druggie thug who overdosed on 6drugs. He duped America and pig Pelosi knelt to praise his ass. I have no respect for felon druggie thugs.

  3. No doubt my Governor will do whatever Biden signs off on. He just made it against the law to stop people because they might smell pot coming from your car, because of the tint in your windows, things that could fail you during a car inspection which if it or your registration is late up to four months. Thank you for endangering lives on the road Governor Northam. What’s it going to take before someone like me is killed by someone driving while they’re doing drugs behind the wheel. Thank God his term is up this year. Praying so hard for Republicans to take back the Senate and the Governors mansion and they undo everything you’ve done in the last 2 yrs.

  4. Let the democrats go on a ride with an officer for one day.They cry defund the police look at the cowards with a fence and all the national guards around them!!

  5. Plus Minnesota is going to tax its citizens to pay for all the destruction by BLM terrorists.
    Not the land of 10,000 lakes anymore.
    Land of the 10,000 taxes!

  6. This is totally screwed up! I guess the thugs on the streets can now do whatever they want to…..disgusting. And there congress sits in there chamber with the national guard and a wire fence around the entire capital! Both parties are to blame in making our country less safe. The hypocrisy of it all!

  7. This is another bill against our police force and against law abiding citizens. Criminals are SOOOO happy our government is bending

  8. So now we are naming Acts after drug addicted convicts – something to be proud – our government is a f**king joke

  9. Well let’s stop saying Police and start using the term law enforcement and defund all security around Congress and Politicians! I bet if truth be known this “threat” to Capitol and legislators is pre planned by Dems just as Jan.6th was!


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