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The acting leader of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement abruptly resigned on Wednesday, just two weeks into the job after the agency’s previous director also stepped down unexpectedly in December, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The departure of Jonathan Fahey is the latest in a long line of resignations at ICE during the Trump administration. The agency, which has come under mounting public scrutiny for controversial policies and operations throughout Trump’s term, has now seen six leaders come and go since 2017.

The article goes on to state the following:

ICE employees were notified of Fahey’s resignation in an email late Wednesday. No reason for the resignation given. His deputy, Tae Johnson, will now serve as acting director.

To get more information about this article, please visit BUZZFEEDNEWS.COM.

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  1. I suspect these guys are going “why bother” if they know that (1) Biden will open the border, (2) the Democrats are trying to ban anyone appears to have supported Trump, (3) Democrats will demonize ICE and its agents and (4) the Republican will not stand up for them if they didn’t stand up for the President and their leader.

  2. I agree, they will not be getting anymore support one the ho gets in. Be really cool if all these ones jumping ship were really leaving jobs to join a Trump admin. Could be the wall visit was more than just a visit … hmmmm

  3. It was difficult for them to do their job when they were getting criticized for doing their job but it’s pretty bad when our own government gave more concern over the immigrants than the actual employees who were trying to do just their job this guy here didn’t quit because of trump neither did the last guy they quit because they know who’s coming and what they’re going to do Biden is going to stop all construction of the wall and cost to taxpayers billions

  4. Good cops of all different levels will be quitting across the country and the standards for officers will be reduced. We’ll end up with sadistic hateful cruel cops to do the dirty work of the left.

  5. Is it possible he was instructed to resign by Biden like the head of Operation Warpspeed was yesterday? Think about it.

    Biden is not yet inaugurated but he seems to be wiping the slate clean even before he becomes POTUS . Hmmm anyone remember a guy named General Flynn and Biden’s Logan Act comment.


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