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Considered as one of the key swing votes in the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, GOP Senator Susan Collins (Maine), has kept the public in suspense as to whether or not she will support Kavanaugh.

Friday morning, Collins did vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination through the first vote, but said she would announce her final decision Friday afternoon.

Speaking from the Senate floor Friday afternoon, Collins hotly condemned Democrats who vowed to oppose Kavanaugh from the very beginning, and stated after a lengthy speech that she will vote to CONFIRM Judge Kavanaugh.

She slammed special interest groups who have spent an unprecedented amount of money fighting against the nomination.

“I’ve never considered the President’s identity of party when considering Supreme Court nominations,” Collins said, adding that she began her review of Kavanaugh by considering his record on how he had ruled in countless cases, and met with him personally.

She said that Kavanaugh has made it clear he believes that no president is above the law, and made her case for why those who claim he is against the LGBTQ community or would be against women’s rights are wrong.

Collins noted that Kavanaugh and Judge Merrick Garland voted the same in 90 percent of the cases they heard together.

Regarding the allegations against Kavanaugh, Collins stressed the importance of not abandoning the presumption of innocence standard. She said she believes that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, IS a survivor of a sexual assault, but noted that none of the witnesses she provided could corroborate her claim.

Those opposing Kavanaugh posted their outrage on Twitter, as it became apparent of the decision Collins had made.

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  1. These tweets crack me up. Because she didn’t support your side, because she went with due process and followed the rule of law in her thinking she has abandoned all women. Well these idiots don’t speak for me. I was for Kavanaugh being confirmed and did not believe this women’s story was credible. They need to stop assuming they speak for all women, because clearly they don’t!

  2. “Collins noted that Kavanaugh and Judge Merrick Garland voted the same in 90 percent of the cases they heard together.” Just one more proof in a long string of them, that the democrats are not interested in the facts, the truth, the qualifications, Ms. Ford, the people or the country, nothing matters to them but stopping EVERYTHING President Trump wants, everything else is secondary.

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