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Two new developments have suddenly been announced Thursday surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

According to a report first published by the Daily Beast, the Department of Justice has reopened their investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

An ally of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who is familiar with the thinking at the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters described it as an effort to gather new details on how Clinton and her aides handled classified material. Officials’ questions include how much classified information was sent over Clinton’s server; who put that information into an unclassified environment, and how; and which investigators knew about these matters and when. The Sessions ally also said officials have questions about immunity agreements that Clinton aides may have made.

Also, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Thursday that at least 18 classified emails were found on the laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton’s long-time top aid.

The 18 classified emails were among 798 documents recently turned over by the State Department.

There are five new classified emails among 147 new Abedin work-related documents released by the State Department on Friday, December 29, 2017.

Thirteen emails containing classified information were also found on the Weiner laptop computer that had already been released to the public. This classified material includes discussions about Saudi Arabia, The Hague, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the identity of a CIA official, Malawi, the war in Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, and the PLO.

On two occasions, classified material was sent by Abedin on her account to Weiner’s laptop (sent to “Anthony Campaign”) on November 25, 2010. The email discusses an upcoming call with Prince Saud of “expected WikiLeaks leaks.” Abedin sent classified information the following day to Weiner’s laptop concerning a call that “Jeff” (presumably then- US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman) had with United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Abdullah bin Zayed.

The Weiner laptop also contains classified material from Abedin’s Blackberry.

Former Secret Service agent Daniel Bongino tweeted Thursday, “Incredibly ironic that Dems are whining about the reopening of the Hillary email investigation, despite mounds of new public information, while simultaneously celebrating the Trump-Russia fairytale/investigation, despite not having a scintilla of evidence of collusion.”

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